TAC’s  full-day weekend workshops provided an intensive hands-on experience for kids and teens in a variety of crafts.

  • Carpentry Basics Learn about the most commonly used shop tools, fractions, and tricks of the trade.
  • Controlling Light Light board programming and design with moving lights, conventionals and LEDs.
  • Floating with Math: What Goes Up Must Stay Up! Use math, physics, tools, mechanical advantage and engineering to understand how to float objects and yourself!
  • Let’s Get Loud!  Audio principles, live engineering of music, analog dj techniques and foley.
  • Know Your Knot!  Learn how to make and use knots, including: clove hitch, square knot, bowline and a figure eight.
  • Oozing Halloween Mysteries Make your own ooze, slime, blood, zombie make-up & scary effects.
  • Signature Style  Use graphic design principles to create your own logo design, then apply it in leatherwork, clothing and making custom appliqués.
  • Storytelling with Light Light design, electrician’s skills, cueing and making your own gobo.