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We know there’s been a lot of confusion about a sudden appearance of “Requirements” to teach in schools this fall. The point of these are to make sure you as a teacher feel comfortable in front of a class and can handle anything a six year old throws at you (literally.) While these are the easiest ways to reach the “requirements,” there are other options that you can explore with Kim. In the end,  you, the educators and Kim should feel like you’re ready to head into a school to stand up and show ’em what you got!

The breakdown of the requirements:

  • A minimum of TWO Teacher Training Sessions

These are two hour sessions (see Staff Events page for full info) that will cover a range of topics including Lesson Plan creation, keeping the class momentum, identifying some key educational concepts and more. ‘These are meant to be done in order, but we know that freelancers schedules are anything but orderly and ask that you do you best to make at least TWO, but preferably 4 or heck!, all 5 sessions. If you absolutely cannot make any session, please contact Kim. The Staff Events page will be updated with topics about a week before each session.

The goal of the training sessions is the creation of a “5 minute lesson” plan that will enable each of our teachers to have a chance at demonstrating in a mock classroom setting staffed by the Youth Panel at the ‘Bootcamp.’ This could be a lesson that’s created with a group of folks or by yourself. Each teacher will spend time at the ‘Bootcamp’ teaching their five minute lesson alone to our Youth Panel. Your fellow teachers will then have their own chance to try different approaches or follow in your footsteps as they attempt the same feat of THE FIVE!

  • A minimum of TWO 1/2 hour parks/street fair sessions OR one camp session

These dates are still up in the air, but we are trying very hard to book some summer dates that are out and about. These sessions will mostly be about chatting with kids in a comfortable and relaxed way. Learn the difference between a 6 year old and their 8 year old sibling just by having a conversation. Explore how to build a cool balsa wood boat in the meantime! Discuss displacement and mass while you’re at it! As before, if you absolutely can’t make any session, let us know and we’ll try to work something out.

  • The August 10th ‘Bootcamp.’ 

This is set up as a half day class and half day workshop with the Youth Panel. We’ll spend the morning reviewing the prior months’ teacher training and the lesson plans you’ve created along with a special focus on how to handle unruly situations and students. After lunch we’ll follow this up with class time in front of our own “unruly students” (aka the Youth Panel) who will do their darndest to make life as accurate and probably as difficult as possible. We’ll finish the day by reviewing your lesson plans with some creative criticism from the Youth Panel and Educators.

We know that for some folks these requirements are a bit much. Either they’re more than they can give, or they’re more than they were counting on. If you feel the need to take a breather and not “qualify” this semester (or any semester,) know that we understand and only ask that you continue to support us on Facebook (like the TAC Page!) or thru fundraising and getting the word out.