TAC’s 2013 Milestones

In 2013, TAC had a wonderful year developing pilot programs through workshops, street fairs, an in-school residency and teacher training.


Teacher Training & Curriculum Development

TAC’s teacher training program began with a series of workshops in which production professionals new to teaching worked with veteran teachers.  In this partnership they were able to develop curriculum ideas, lesson plans and ask their questions about teaching.  These trainings also helped to develop curriculum for TAC’s programs.  In 2014, this program will evolve into practicum workshops in which teachers will teach and critique each other, as well as partake in workshops and other trainings with youth and professional educators.


Lighting & Rigging Workshop at Skylight West

In July, fifteen 8-22 year olds came to Skylight West to partake in a workshop sponsored by Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Skylight West and TAC.  Davidson Mulkey, Kim Guzowski, Mike Patterson, Regan Dodson, Sarah Arnold, Shawn Robinson and Where Huertas taught lighting and rigging  skills to these students. This was accomplished through five teaching stations that featured: conventional lighting; moving lights; truss assembly and the physics of rigging structures; knot making; and power distribution and metering of power.  Students moved through the stations with their age group, learning new skills, while helping new teachers perfect their teaching techniques.


Lighting Workshop for Girls 12-15 at St. Ann’s Warehouse

In August, TAC ran a lighting workshop for eight girls ages 12-15 sponsored by St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO.  Becca Ball, Kim Guzowski, Nicole Press, Owen Hughes and Sarah Arnold taught the girls lighting design and technician skills.  The workshop was a hands-on learning experience in which the girls learned to read a plot; hang and focus that plot; use color, pattern, angle and focus to create a story; and choose where lighting cues could be used in a section of Harry Potter.  As is true with each TAC workshop, students were encouraged to help the teachers perfect their teaching through giving feedback.


July & August Street Fairs

TAC teachers taught a workshop designed in a teacher training by Sarah Arnold called “Know Your Knot!”  In this workshop, street fair patrons stopped in at the TAC booth to learn how to tie a bowline, square knot, clove hitch, a figure eight and any other knot we knew.  Upon mastering their knots, students were given a “Know Your Knots” workbook designed by Where Huertas and Sarah Arnold.


An In-School Pilot Program

This fall, TAC had the pleasure of working with an independent school to develop a tech and design afterschool program for high school students; a community build day to support their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and an interdisciplinary academic unit for seventh graders who were introduced to Shakespeare’s language through building their own set models for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.