TAC at Portland Stage Theater for Kids

Portland Stage Theater for Kids: In August, TAC collaborated with Maine lighting designer, Gregg Carville, and Portland Stage Theatre for Kids to teach Storytelling with Light,  all-day workshop in lighting design for kids 10-15. In this workshop, students learned how to tell stories with light through color, intensity, pattern, angle and duration.  Kids explored how theatrical lighting operates through hanging, circuiting, focusing, designing and cueing lights. They used their new knowledge and skills to tell stories based on a folktale text and a bit of Harry Potter. Students went home with a gobo they made and a flashlight to try out their new gobo and design skills.  TAC was honored to work with Gregg, Portland Stage Theater for Kids, Maine theatrical electricians, Chris Cooke and Dan Meltzer and Maine youth.  We hope to return again next year!