Street Fairs

TAC attends street fairs all over Manhattan to teach young and old how to make and use knots.

During the warm months, TAC attends street fairs throughout NYC to teach knot-making skills to young and old. We enjoy teaching and trading knot knowledge with people from all over New York and the world, as girlscouts, climbers, servicemen and women, and people new to knots explore the usefulness of a making a good knot. To find out where we will be, check the TAC calendar.

TAC has attended a least 5 street fairs in the last two summers. Here are some favorite photos!

TAC with NYC Department of Parks & Recreation at STREET GAMES

In the spring of 2014, TAC teamed-up with NYC Department of Parks & Recreation at their annual event in Harlem called Street Games. Through TAC’s Make Your Own Obstacle Course, kids were challenged to use up, over, through, and balance in creating their own obstacle course. All day the lines at the obstacle course ran long. Much fun was had by all!