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ProjectQuest:PIMA (Performance & Interactive Media Arts)

ProjectQuest:PIMA (PQ:P) is a course in devising original work from questions the ensemble has about life and skills they wish to learn.  The instructional process involves both ensemble training and rehearsals, as well as work with professionals in disciplines which the students request.  Past professional workshops have been in: carpentry, moving light programming, architecture, swing dance, acting, graffiti art and interactive video and audio programming.

Questions students have created performance and visual art from:

Why is life so hard?

Why does money control people?

What will happen after high school?

What could a utopia be?  Could a utopia exist?

What are the steps from a dystopia to a utopia?  Why is this journey a cycle? Can this cycle be broken?

Why do people express anger?  Why can’t people control their emotions?

How can I know what is right to do?