2014: A look back


Technical Artisan’s Collective Celebrates 2014

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In TAC’s first 18 months, over 1,000 students have been taught

by more than 50 designers, technicians and artisans

Through TAC educational projects, kids and teens have been answering the age-old question of “why am I learning this,” by using math, literature, science, history, and the arts, to build useful experiences that excite them and deepen their understanding of every subject. None of this could have happened without the generous donation of money, time, materials and skill that our growing TAC community has provided. Thank you!

As a fledgling educational company, TAC relies upon your continued support to help us grow. Though we are applying for grants and teaching contracts, it will take time for TAC to build the history necessary to earn the grants and contracts that will sustain our work. Please help TAC become a viable educational company by donating as part of your year-end giving. In doing so, you will help TAC expand our reach into public schools and with disadvantaged youth, as well as helping to continue our development of strong curriculum, and infrastructure to support our teaching artists and students.

We have been inspired by the support we’ve received from teachers, parents, vendors, industry professionals and, especially, kids and teens. Let’s ring in the new year by growing and developing our outreach to students everywhere! Thank you for your support!





At World Maker Faire 2014, TAC earned an editor’s choice blue ribbon award for Floating with Math and Know Your Knot! In this exhibit, kids and adults learned how to use math, the laws of physics and mechanical advantage through navigating blindfolded a 3-point rigging obstacle course, analyzing different rigging set-ups to discover why 25 pounds could feel like 8 pounds, learning how to make and use knots and helping each other to float off the ground!




TAC’s full-day weekend workshops provide an intensive hands-on experience for kids and teens in a variety of crafts. 2015 will begin with a carpentry workshop in January for students 10-18 years old. To learn more about this workshop click here





TAC’s core mission is teaching kids in school how to use their knowledge as tools to build, make and create. Currently, we are talking with schools in New York City, both public and private, about possible pilot programs for the Spring of 2014 and the school year 2014-2015. If you have a school you think would be interested in working with TAC, please let us know.




TAC plays in the street! We teach knots at street fairs and work with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation at community events.




TAC looks for opportunities to collaborate with theaters in New York City and nationwide. Most recently, TAC has done lighting workshops in collaboration with Portland Stage Theater for Kids in Portland, Maine and St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.




TAC finished 2014 in an exciting collaboration with Barbizon Electric and 4Wall Entertainment Lighting to teach Controlling Light, a workshop for high school students in storytelling with light and console programming. Barbizon Electric’s Sam Updike was lead teacher assisted by eight other professionals, including Pat Bellino of 4Wall Entertainment Lighting, Mike Farmer of Barbizon Electric, and Zoe Huertas from TAC. Students learned to use the ETC Ion console to manipulate Lekos, LEDs and Moving Lights. In a culminating group project, students brought their new learning and skills together to design the Greek myth Persephone. A wonderful time was had by all! We look forward to working with Barbizon and 4Wall again, soon!



ProjectQuest:PIMA is a six-month TAC project in which a diverse group of teens from all over NYC will explore their questions about life and themselves through art, technology and design. This project will culminate in a Performance and Interactive Media Arts presentation by the students in virtual collaboration with teens from around the world.


This year, TAC plans on expanding our in-school reach, increasing our outreach to disadvantaged youth and producing ProjectQuest:PIMA.

Next month TAC is back with the January 17th Carpentry Basics Workshop a 5-hour carpentry workshop for those 12-18 years old.



Many of TAC’s activities have been done with the generous donation of time and money of the teachers themselves. Though we love TAC and believe we are educationally useful, we are hitting a limit with how much we can give financially to this endeavor. As we begin to work with public schools and disadvantaged youth, our fiscal needs grow more urgent. Any donation you can make to help TAC continue our programming is much appreciated. Thank you!
Technical Artisans Collective is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Technical Artisans Collective must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
 If you are interested in having TAC in your school, please contact us at info@tacollective.org
CONNECT TAC WITH EDUCATIONAL FUNDERS                                                                                    TAC is looking for potential funders who are invested in education. If you know someone whom you would like to introduce us to, please contact kimguzowski@tacollective.org
 Volunteer with TAC through donating website, administrative or other services. Please contact us.
 If you are a designer, technician or artisan who wishes to teach with TAC, contact us at info@tacollective.org


TAC has a monthly curriculum meeting open to all designers, technicians, artisans and educators. Please look on our website calendar for meeting locations and dates. The next meeting will be January 8th at 7pm, location TBD. Check the

Members’ Events Page to keep up with Teaching opportunities

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